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Established in 1998, LTI can fabricate Metal components in any type of material, And assist in subassembly production, From the simple to the complex., Our
experience includes fixture, enclosure, and many other parts for a wide variety of industries including lighting fixtures, merchandising displays, Electrical panel board, LT panels, HT panels, control boxes, any other items based sheet metals.


We have invested in state- of-the-art Technology that allows us to Manufacture Your components with precision and efficiency. Our "Lights Out" automation
process means our equipment can produce your components through. The nights, providing the ultimate in production efficiency. Your parts can be ready in days, not weeks or months, giving you all the benefits of just-in-time-delivery.

LTI believes in building long and close Relationships with customers. We prefer to be viewed as a working partner, so we can solve issues together in the most Profitable way. Our personal attention allows us to anticipate your needs and to offer ideas and suggestion which will benefit your Business.

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